Here is a list of all known covers of Weird Paul songs (and pictures of the albums they are on, if applicable)!
"MY HEAD'S ON FIRE" by The Happy Flowers.
The Happy Flowers recorded a version of this song (from Paul's album "Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety") live on the air on England's BBC on the John Peel show. The song was released by Homestead Records on the Peel Sessions 7" (HMS-161-7) and then later included on the CD Flowers on 45 (HMS161-2) - photo above).
"MY FATHER'S TOE" by Binkystick.
Binkystick included the cover of this song (as a bonus track) from "Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety" on their self released cassette, "Going Boing", on their label, Professor Records.
Fuzzy Daupner recorded this song from the "Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety" album as a bonus track on their dam-CD "Modern Sapling".

Other known recorded covers of Weird Paul songs:

"PIECE OF MEAT IN THE TANG" by The Visuals. From Paul's "Lo FIdelity, Hi Anxiety" album.

" ACTIN' LIKE MEL TORME'" by Times of Awe. From Paul's "Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety" album.

" SUCKING CHEST WOUND" by Telesys. From Paul's "Sucking Chest Wound 7"".

" X-MARK" by Kafka Romance Dissolver. From Paul's "In Case of FIre Throw This In" cassette.

" Please Don't Break My Atari" by The Dave B Trio. From Paul's "Your Favorite Gum" CD.

" Please Don't Break My Atari" by Microscope. From Paul's "Your Favorite Gum" CD.

Bands that have covered Weird Paul songs live!

WIMP FACTOR FOURTEEN covered "You Can Own Your Own Home Without Even Breaking My Heart" from the Sucking Chest Wound" 7".

PRICKLE, a band from Texas, covered "What I'm Gonna Do To You" from the "Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety" album.

THE HECTOR COLLECTORS, from Scotland, covered "Actin' Like Mel Torme" from the "Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxitey" album and "S & M Jen" from "The Dame That Drove Me Nuts" album.

RICK BACH, formerly of the Pittsburgh band Cavemen From Oklahoma, covered "Sucking Chest Wound" and "Actin' Like Mel Torme'" at the Pittsburgh Brew House!

If you know of or are in a band that covered any Weird Paul songs live, let us know and we'll add it to the list!