Lists of Paul's favorites and lists about Paul by other people!


1. AMPEG STUD - moto
2. COCKTAIL - doktor kosmos
3. FURY OF THE AQUABATS - the aquabats
4. GLEE - bran van 3000
5. LET'S KNIFE - shonen knife
6. NEVERMIND - nirvana
7. NINE BLACK POPPIES - the mountain goats
8. ARTISTIC VICE - Daniel Johnston
9. SODA POP RIP OFF - slant 6
10. TAKE A LOOK INSIDE - the folk implosion



(Note: these choices (and spelling!) are by Ed (a-go-go); they are not the opinion of Paul or this site)

1.) paul petrosky kicks manny theiner out of 'weird paul'

2.) kurt cobain sleeps on manny's couch

3.) paul petrosky and ed zamecnik play as 'weird paul' with favorites 'the happy flowers' before ed leaves band to attend college in nyc

4.) paul and ed play concert with steve albini's favorite band and piss them off

5) paul and ed play with indie rock hero calvin johnson

6) ed tells calvin johnson off at cbgb's in nyc during college in nyc

7) daniel johnson (allegedly) calls weird paul after his bed-time and pisses him off

8) curt cobain decides to wear the same exact daniel johnson t-shirt that paul wears on back photo of 'weird paul' 7"

9) ed gets dreadlocks in 1995

10) concert goers see paul and manny and remark "wow. pittsburgh must be really lame."

11) ed astonishes paul with ridiculously goofy film comments written in a now lost journal in 1994

12) ed decides that his rendition of 'simulated wood' where all the lyrics are replaced with the words 'weird paul' is 'the greatest weird paul song ever written'(!).

13) paul temporarily ends music career to attempt to watch 'every horror movie ever made.'

14) paul and the guys from band 'don cabballero' convince manny thiener that the 'lucan' televison series was a figment of his imagination.

15) little ward petrosky mistakenly challenges ed to atari games and loses

16) mtv reporter sarcastically asks devo frontman during a low point in his career if he wrote score of low budget film where he defensively remarks: "as a matter of fact, I DID."

17) fuzz box temporarily refuses to work before blazing rendition of stooges' song 'i gotta right' during ed and paul's final show

18) ed and kevin smith make fun of nerd jason catena after finding an old stunted joint in his bag

19) kevin smith is taken away in a straight jacket after threatening his mother

20) manny thiener has horrible childhood with mentally unbalanced mother