Songs from the CATS IN OUR BACKYARD comp



She's a really great gal
yeah she's a really great pal (2x)

Great, great, a great gal (2x)

She's the greatest thing since sliced bread
she's the greatest thing since bread!



Don't cry, dry your eye
don't try to be louder than me
oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (2x)
woooo yeah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
yeah, well yeah

I'm feeling pretty alright
hey baybee how bout yourself?
It's just me and the tv
I'm watching herself the elf, alright

hey baybee I can't handle you
no one could hold a candle to you
but then I must ask myself
who would wanna hold a candle?
yeah. Not me.


songs from the ACU-PUNK-TURE comp



We don't hate vegetarians, we just think they're funnee
don't feed me that, give it to a damn bunny
you're making a meal into a chore
now eat your meat that fell on the floor

the linoleum is covered with meat!
Use your mouth now, not your feet!
you finish that you're gonna get more
now eat your meat that fell on the floor

You pick that up or you'll lick the pan
eat your fucking meat you girly man
what you throw that meat for?
now eat your meat that fell on the floor!




I wonder how the mailman got his job
when he could pick from so many careers
our mailman's not like the postmaster general
he's more like Cliff on the TV show Cheers

Mr. Mailman, Mr. Mailman!
Mr. Mailman, Mr. Mailman!
Hey mister!

Mr. Mailman damnit take this letter
you never take it and it's starting to upset her
wrote you a note and it wasn't hard to miss
we know you read it cuz you wrote "Take this!"

Please Mr. Postman, get out of the rain
"The French Toastman" is a song by Fred Laine
His Hitite Hotshots, man, they really jam
but Mr. Mailman is not in that band

This song is making no sense
in fact it's making no money at all
I'm going camping in the present tents
I'll sing this line in a southern drawl


otherwise unavailable songs from LIVE AT THE UNDERGROUND


MY BEST FRIEND IS SPEAK 'N MATH™ (lyrics: Sheila Petroskey)

I might not have too many friends, I might not be too popular
Everyone makes fun of me but I just see a blur
cuz I have the best friend in the world
we never fight
I have the best friend in the world
he's Speak 'N Math, yeah
cuz he can talk, he can sing, he can do almost anything except walk
and he's so great cuz he can say...(electronics)

and it's really fun cuz we can play school together
thought that's all he wants to play
and then he can say...(electronics)

how could you have a best friend
how could you have a best friend in this world?
cuz he's the best friend in the world
they'll make fun of me no more that I don't have any friends because I have him
he's my best friend, my only friend, my only best friend, he's my only friend in the world

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