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Coloring PagesPEANUT BUTTER RECALL 7" and TURN MY BRAIN OFF 7" vinyl records


What's better than one Weird Paul record? TWO Weird Paul records! Choose one or get both! "Peanut Butter Recall" is backed with "If You Don't Get Naked" on fantabulous orange vinyl and "Turn My Brain Off" is backed with "Look Before You Leap" on awesometastic red vinyl! Get all three currently available records for $19.95!  Pick your "add to cart" choice below based on what you desire!

Peanut Butter Recall 7"  - $7.00
Turn My Brain Off 7" - $7.00
Peanut Butter Recall & Turn My Brain Off 7"s - $14.00
PBR, Turn My Brain Off & Beach Ball 7"s - $19.95


Coloring PagesWEIRD PAUL Coloring pages

All new for your entertainment- Three Weird Paul themed coloring pages to print out and color! Includes scenes from the classic songs 'Peanutbutter Recall' and 'What a Meal' with tons of humorous details drawn by Niffer Desmond for hours of coloring fun. A printable 3 page pdf will be sent to you after purchase! Write your best email in notes. $5.00


Beach Ball 7"BEACH BALL 7" vinyl record

You're gonna have fun, fun, fun and all you need is ONE record! The new Weird Paul BEACH BALL 7"! The summer jam of eternity from the album "Still Going Strong" is backed with the song "Someone Put a Spell On My Finger" from the album "Check Me Out Now". Available in a limited edition of random colored vinyl - you will surprised to find out what color YOUR record will be! $7.00

New Weird Paul T-shirts!! These digitally printed full color shirts show Weird Paul's head on TV, just like the real thing! Wear the original Vlogger on Purple or Royal Blue. Shirts are Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton. Limited supply! Be sure to indicate the size you want in the notes on Paypal checkout!

Purple WeirdPaul Tee Blue WeirdPaul Tee
Unisex PURPLE in S, M, L, XL $16.00

Unisex ROYAL BLUE in S, M, L, XL $16.00


Still Going Strong CD 2013PP2BB -- Weird Paul & Ben Blanchard

Half of the Weird Paul Rock Band are back with their second helping! 18 more songs to get stuck in your ears and break your brain! Includes "Popcorn Cleanup", "Maybe You'll Find Some In the Garbage", "Chip Problum", "Robotic Hysterectomy" and "Fists of Mediocrity"! Who needs H20 when you can have PP2BB! $6.00

WHO'S THAT IDIOT? -- This DVD is over an hour of "Weird Paul" live 1986-1989. Highlights of eleven different performances + 15 music videos. If you enjoy visual excitement...this is for you!! 105 mins! $8.00



Still Going Strong CD 201357 BIG END HALOS - Weird Paul & Scott Fry --

The musical maniacs make merry with 18 songs on their first CD! Weird Paul Petroskey and Scott Fry (of Pittsburgh's Scott Fry Experience) bring you "Adults Only" humor from their little world!  Includes "Fuck That Bully", "Very Big Bra", "Say It WIth a Condom", "Old Bogart" and "10 Pizzas For Lloyd (From the Naked Lady)". The devil made us do it! $6.00


Still Going Strong CD 2013STILL GOING STRONG --

You've got to stay tough to keep it going for 25 years! Weird Paul brings you 18 more soon-to-be classics in 2013, including "Beach Ball", "If You Don't Get Naked", "Delusions of Grandeur", "Peanut Butter Recall" and "This Guy's Got a Bone Disease". Do you even lift? $8.00

LIVE ON WRCT- 1988-2009

This live CD features 32 songs from 16 different Weird Paul performances on Pittsburgh radio station WRCT.  All your favorites from "Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety" and much more! Includes 7 songs with Manny Theiner. - $6.00

Thick Syrup Records (Little Rock, AR) has released the definitive
25 year retrospective of Weird Paul's music!  36 songs, from 1987's
"(I Stole a) Bunsen Burner" to 4 new songs featuring Jad and David Fair
of Half Japanese!  All your favorites in one place - "Tom Ate a Banana",
"My Head's On Fire", "Wine Coolers", "I Got Drunk at Chuck E. Cheese",
"Piece of Meat in the Tang" and many more!  Includes some previously
unreleased songs, plus songs never before on CD, like "Sucking Chest
Wound"!  Don't delay - buy today!  $8.00

Paul's classic 1991 album is now once again available!  Enjoy the
classics you love - "Tom Ate a Banana", "Acting Like Mel Torme", "What
I'm Gonna Do To You", "Knock People Over", "Piece of Meat in the
Tang", "Gimme Your Lunch Money" and many more!  The 25 songs include 2
bonus tracks never before on CD:  "Nacho Sin Casa" and "Harangue"!
Remastered and ready to rock your lo-fi world! $8.00

Weird Paul continues the "xerox rock" with this 2011 release! There are
20 new songs on CHECK ME OUT NOW including "Jolly Rancher (Stuck
In Your Hair)", "We Love To Use the Telephone", "Someone Put a Spell On
My Finger", "I Need Bus Fare" and "Dad is Great"! Check it out - now!

SIMULATING THE ACT OF LOVE -- The Weird Paul Rock Band
The first full-length release by the Weird Paul Rock Band! 20 songs include 4 never before released tunes ("Hot Water Heater", "May I Sit on Your Ice Chest", "I.C. Lite and I PBR" and "Take a Dump on My Jacket".) The other 16 are studio re-recordings of songs from Paul's prior CD releases, including "I Got Drunk at Chuck E. Cheese", "Cold Drinks" and "Bowl Cut". $7.00

POLICE BAFFLED; PUBLIC AROUSED -- Weird Paul & Ben Blanchard
Two songwriting masterminds team up on this 20 track release! Weird Paul
Rock Band keytardist Ben Blanchard and Weird Paul come up with some of
the catchiest songs yet! Includes "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner", "The Frog
From Danforth's", "The Cars Were Video Stars", "Nutz, Sluttz and Butttz" &
"You Can't Use Martial Arts (In Football)". Extra, Extra, Read all about it! $6.00

OTHELLO was a band comprised of Weird Paul and his sister, Linda. This album was originally released on cassette in 1989, now available on CD for the first time! 19 songs include "Eat Pizza, Go to Jail", "Lie Detector", "Garbage Pickin" and "I'd Like to See the Brain Specialist". $6.00

Produced and directed by Chicago filmmaker Stacey Goldschmidt, WEIRD PAUL: A LO FIDELITY DOCUMENTARY is an in depth look into a creative life. This is the story of how Paul's unique humor, do it yourself aesthetic and knack for writing catchy tunes has inspired so many people, including fellow rockers, aspiring musicians, artists, Chi-Chi's line cooks and family members. The film includes interviews with Lou Barlow (Sebadoh), Britt Daniel (Spoon), Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening), John S. Hall (King Missile), Paul Caporino (M.O.T.O.), Mr HCI (Happy Flowers), Ethan Buckler (King Kong), Karl Hendricks, Lord Grunge and Jackson (Grand Buffet), Manny Theiner, plus Paul's family and son, Tristan!
Official selection for the 2006 Chicago Underground and Leeds International film festivals. 66 minutes. $10.00

AS HEARD IN MY DREAMS has 20 songs including "Pot of Macaroni",
"That's Child Abuse", "Take Another Picture of Me", "Devils" and
"Song John Denver Taught Me In a Dream"! Recorded just as they were
heard! $6.00

MEDICALLY NECESSARY has 22 songs including "If You Choose Rock n Roll", "The Devils in Love", "Robot Armor", "More Time For MySpace™" and of course, "WINE COOLERS"!! Feel better today! $6.00


Listen to Tracks: Wine Coolers & Robot Armor


Get the shirt of the year! The MEDICALLY NECESSARY CD cover on an off-white shirt, available in M, L or XL, please specify. Limited supply! $12.00

WEIRD PAUL: A LO FIDELITY DOCUMENTARY -- This is the soundtrack of Stacey Goldschmidt's documentary on Weird Paul. 26 songs include the 24 that are heard in the movie. Many of the songs have been previously released on other Weird Paul albums (including some from the no longer available Lo Fidelity Hi Anxiety and Sucking Chest Wound) and there are also never before released live versions of 4 songs, acoustic versions of songs only heard in the movie and the only release of the music video version of "I Got Drunk at Chuck E. Cheese"! There are also two bonus songs not heard in the movie: "I Dropped My Almond Joy Bar (MySpace version)" and "Human Eye 2006". The closest youll get to a Weird Paul greatest hits album! $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: I Got Drunk at Chuck E. Cheese

WEIRD COOKIE -- WEIRD COOKIE is the first release by Weird Paul's (then 6-year old) son, TRISTAN PETROSKEY! The 25 song CD features goofy songs, messy noise and occasional back-up music from Tristans Dad! Titles include "Why Am I an Alien?", "Poopy Butt Song", "Ice Cream Backache", "Veiny Head", "Rock'n Robot", the death metal-esque "Why Does the Stag Beetle Eat the Bark" and a Roky Erickson cover! This is a non-profit release - all proceeds go straight to Tristan's college fund! Produced by WEIRD PAUL! $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Veiny Head



I PUNCH YOU! -- 2004 CD release from Weird Paul features the Mad Baby on the cover, ready to knock your teeth out! 22 tracks featuring "Beinhauer Mortuary", "Stain Stick", "Do It, Damnit" and "We Love Computers". Don't you like it? No? Why not? - $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: We Love Computers


THE MESS OF WEIRD PAUL -- Paul has written or co-written nearly 600 songs, but only part of that vast catalog has been released. Now, here are 27 more tunes that span the last 20 years! Mostly outtakes from various recording sessions, the tunes span all sorts of style and quality! Includes never-before heard tracks like "Shark in the Bathtub", "I Wish I Was Dead", "I Cover My Eyes" and "Pastaroni". Pick through the mess! $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Take This Job and Shove It

2001 --
"2001" has 24 tracks! Featuring Weird Paul favorites like "Car Wreck (Cake)", "Kiss Me Monster", "I Got Drunk at Chuck E. Cheese", "X Says Kzzz" and "Where are My Colored Pencils?" Its what you've been waiting for - new music for a new century! $6.00

Listen to Tracks: X Says Kzz & Kiss Me Monster

YOUR FAVORITE GUM -- 2000 release! Paul gives us 12 more soon to be classic songs to chew on, featuring the hit "Please Don't Break My Atari"! Originally released by Home-aid recordings, now re-released by Rocks & Rolling. $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Please Dont Break My Atari

THE DAME THAT DROVE ME NUTS -- Finally after three and a half years, Paul did a cassette in 99! The 25 songs include "S & M Jen", "My Cat Eats Moths", "Try the Christmas Drink!", "My Midget Makes Me Mad" and "I Feel Like Im Gonna Cry, But I Feel Kind of Happy"! The production quality overall is excellent! The first of two Paul Petroskey releases (without the "Weird"). Still Weird, though! $6.00

Listen to Tracks: My Cat Eats Moths & Half of the Damned

THE BLAZING BULKHEADS -- In 1996, Paul put together a 4 piece band, which played 6 shows over the next year, when they broke up all too early. These are the only recordings of "The Blazing Bulkheads"! Hear "I Dropped My Almond Joy Bar", "Look! I'm in Love", "Fun Guy With Fungi", "I Shouldn't've Bought This Magazine", plus 20 more on this tape (some are older Weird Paul songs played by a real band!). Rock & roll that delivers! $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Look! I'm in Love

THE PROLIFERATION OF MATTER -- There sure is a lot of stuff in the world! Where does it all come from? Hard to say, but Paul wants to do his part, so he's put out yet another tape! 27 new songs include "Human Eye", "I Got Fired From Silo", "Night Shift" and "Miss Sunny Head". Bring some more matter into your life! $6.00

Listen to Tracks: Human Eye & Miss Sunny Head

BEST SLED EVER -- 1995 finally brought Paul's first full length original release since 91's LO FIDELITY, HI ANXIETY. You can tell its gonna be great right away from the picture of the old woman on a sled! 26 new songs feature "Emergency", "Disgusting Fish", "Cold Drinks", "Small Cash Prize" and "The Mad Bomber"! Best ever? You decide! $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Disgusting Fish

These are the last songs recorded before Paul died. The first ones ever to be recorded on four-track. 30 songs of joy and pain (mostly pain) include: "Geraldo Made Me Kill", "I Drank Barium", "Free Innoculations Today" and "Shoot Me Now". 1990 Weird Paul. $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Geraldo Made me Kill

DOES ANYONE WANT THIS? -- Not really. But Paul will try anything. This 1989 release has 32 great songs including "Bank Robber", "Two Xtra Dogs", Bono Bono Mono", "You Can Own Your Own Home" and "Stop Spitting in the Rug". Truly the most! $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: You Can Own Your Own Home Without Even Breaking My Heart

LIVE AT THE UNDERGROUND -- A live concert performance from April 8, 1989 at The Underground. With Ed (a-go-go) on drums, 43 live songs may be more than you can handle! Crank it up! $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Asking God for Gum


Now on CD! The third release, featuring "Bongo-core" from his band Ed (a-go-go). 26 songs (one for each letter of the alphabet) include "Airport", "Butthead", "Tom Ate a Banana", "Whalin' the Shit Out of Guys" and "Used To Bullseye Whomprats". $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Yourself

Weird Paul's 2nd release from 1988. 32 songs include "Knock People Over", "Pizza Man, "My Heads on Fire", "Asking God For Gum", "Hackey Sack Rap" and "Im a Guitar". $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: Forced Food Deliveries


The best selling of all Paul's homemade albums. First album from 1987. 32 songs include "(I Stole a) Bunsen Burner", "Chunk", "Simulated Wood", "My Father's Toe", "Bowl Cut" and "I Refuse to Pick Up the Grass". $6.00

 Listen to Tracks: I Stole a Bunsen Burner


I WAS A TEENAGE IDEALIST -- 1994 Weird Paul 7" (45 rpm record) features three songs not available anywhere else! "Insomnia", "I Worked in the Fields of a Small Organic Vegetable Farm" and the title track! A pressing of 500 copies.$6.00



WHO'S THAT IDIOT? -- This videotape is over an hour of "Weird Paul" live 1986-1989. Highlights of eleven different performances + 15 music videos. If you enjoy visual excitement...this is for you!! 105 mins! $8.00

" Weird Paul is the most amazing human being I've ever seen"

- Rich Schuler (of the band King Kong),
after watching WHO'S THAT IDIOT?


BLAZING BULKHEADS LIVE -- See Paul Petroskey & The Blazing Bulkheads live in a concert performance from August 1997! Includes the music video for "The Thing With Two Heads". 30 minutes. $6.00

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